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JESSICA RANDLE - Comedy Reel from Jessica Randle on Vimeo.

Masters of Sex -1:00   

   Not for sale or distribution. Experimental in nature. Scripted material used for actor/character study 

 and  educational purposes only.      '1321 Clover' Property of  CBS/ Paramount Television Network.

                                                                                 Writing credits: Paul Corrigan, Brad Walsh 

Comedy Reel  -   3:58


DRAMA REEL - Steve Eastin Studios    1:46


Asylum a short film by John Randle

Sharon - Comedy -1:41

Doting Housewife & Mom

TV & FILM REEL                                                                         3:58

MASTERS OF SEX         Full Clip                                                1.00

DRAMA REEL                Steve Eastin Studios                            1:46

COMEDY SKETCH         SHARON                                                      1:41
                                  "Doting Housewife & Mom"