Asylum a short film by John Randle

                Sex and the City  (Self-Tape)         1:11

When the girls go to LA, Carrie meets with

a junior agent for drinks about a potential

movie based on her column ...    (Comedy)

Masters of Sex       1:00    (Drama)  

Homeland    BGB Studio        1:25    

The Date!                                    1:45

Dating in the present day .. (Comedy)

Comedy Reel          3:58

Quinn's Place  - Trailer       :58

Drama Reel          3:31


DRAMA REEL - Steve Eastin Studios            1:46

Mother              :54       (Comedy)     


WINNER!!   M Night Shyamalan / Biden-Harris

#VotebyNight 90 Sec Film Challenge

"High Stakes" - A film by Adam Huss              1:30