Jessica was born and raised in Chicago's windy city to quite certainly, the most awesome of parents. Her folks also had the flair for the arts and, thus, singing, playing the piano and many a stage performance was the norm in her playful little brood.  She even scored herself a best friend 3 years into this life with the gift of an amazing younger brother.  And it is this wonderful family, who rock-climbed and camped, that taught her that following your dreams was not only possible and an extraordinarily doable endeavor, but was most certainly a necessity to one's spirit in feeling inspired. 

Jessica began playing the piano at a wee early age, singing (and recording) to herself, in the "TV room",  the songs and tunes by the likes of Lionel Richie, Dan Folgelberg and of course later (when she'd graduated from the "big" note books) to Evita.  Ha ha. (I'm surprised the record is still in tact)  She played classical Mozart, soundtracks of all kinds... like Holly Hunter's "The Piano" -- all the while her brother patiently putting up with the Terms of Endearment years -- to her some of her other favorites like Elton John.  But the energy was still dying to come out of not just her fingers and her secret recording booth ...  so she mustered up all her courage and sang . On stage.  For all to see. And from there, it was a whole new world. From playing the Felix Unger character of Florence in The Female Version of The Odd Couple, to Bonnie in Anything Goes, it was in this crazy expression of stage and self that she found her love of comedy.

She graduated from USC's Acting Program having been honored to play such leading roles as Anna in Paula Vogel's critically acclaimed play about  a school teacher losing her brother to HIV in The Baltimore Waltz ;  as well as the title role of Dolores in Edward Allan Baker's play about a woman who's search for love  within too many battered relationships leaves her black-eyed and desperate, who finally finds relief in her sister's abode in Dolores. And it was  in these formative years, she found the thrill of honoring both comedy and drama, for one couldn't happen without the other.  And then began her study of Meisner.

Fresh out of college, she began working LA's theater scene  earning a Los Angeles ADA (Artistic Director Award) nomination for Best Actress in an LA Comedy for a lead role she originated in Peter Fox's  God Knows (later to be penned Acts of God).  And parallel to her theater ventures were roles in television and film credits such as Showtime's Masters of Sex opposite Lizzy Caplan, The Middle, Help Me Help You opposite Ted Danson and Jane Kaczmarek ,Still Standing and many others;  she's also had the honor of studying under the tutelage of Risa Bramon Garcia at BGB Studios in her invitation only class.

If she's learned anything, it's to make your heart laugh .. for there you find yourself. Your joy and your thrill.

Thank you so much for stopping by.