An Erika Davis-Marsh Film     NIGHT PLAY

Coming Soon:       QUINN'S PLACE 

         Comedies:      The Id & Bob / The Lillian Theater, LA

                                          God Knows / AWS, LA

Man, she played that pitch perfect!  
That was spot on casting .. she was fantastic!       

Your film was so funny. I love horror &
comedy. It's where my tastes lie these days  

                M NIGHT SHYAMALAN 

Great job, Jessica!  This was not only fun to

watch but has a crucial message for voters
in the most important election EVER

                MARK HAMILL



    Randle has created a solid and honest  

     characterization that helps drive the 

     laughter                 LA TIMES

    Dominated by the wonderfully

    comedic turn of Jessica Randle

    as Matt's harried supervisor,   

    Stephanie ..            VARIETY